Jordyn Glaser: Author + Speaker

Hello there, I’m Jordyn.

I’m married to my college sweetheart and mother to four children.

I love black coffee, my Australian Shepherds, and Jesus.

Jordyn Glaser: author and speaker
Battle Cry: a true story of hope and encouragement by Jordyn Glaser

Battle Cry

Filled with both trials and tribulations, Battle Cry chronicles Jordyn’s journey to discovering the beauty of her brokenness. Through her experiences of being born with a complicated heart condition, having children with rare birth defects, and the emotional roller coaster of multiple adoptions, Jordyn acknowledges the strength of Christ and the value of being refined in the fire.

The Little Fawn and Her Stolen Spots: a children's book by Jordyn Glaser

The Little Fawn and Her Stolen Spots

A heartwarming tale of a young fawn’s startling discovery that someone has stolen her spots and the adventure that follows. This is a story of mystery, fun and ultimately a tale of life’s unstoppable thief…