Battle Cry: A True Story of Hope & Encouragement

Battle Cry: A True Story of Hope and Encouragement #battlecrybyjordyn

Battle Cry: (noun): 

“A loud shout given by soldiers to frighten the enemy or to encourage their own side.”

We all have a story to tell.

Our life stories, the real and the messy ones, are God’s battle cry.

They are meant to encourage one another and to push back the enemy—but they must be shared to do that.

Battle Cry is the true story of one woman’s journey to discovering the beauty of her brokenness. Jordyn Glaser vulnerably shares her life story, her own personal battle cry, filled with trials and triumphs alike. Through her experiences of being born with a complicated heart condition, having children with rare birth defects and the emotional roller coaster of multiple adoptions, Jordyn points readers back to the strength of Christ and the value of being refined in the fire!

Jordyn uses her own story as a tool to rally the troops. She encourages readers to stop living small and to fight big! Ultimately Battle Cry will remind readers that we were never created to be the hero of our own stories—we were created to be the rescued.

It’s time for us to rise up and share our stories.

It’s time to give God the glory He is due!

Battle Cry by Jordyn Glaser

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What readers are saying…

“Riveting. This inspiring story of difficult pregnancies and adoptions highlights God’s love. The crisp, clear writing made the story come alive, and I didn’t want it to end.”

Rachelle Rea Cobb, author of the Steadfast Love series

“Sometimes I can feel overwhelmed by all the needs in the world, especially those of vulnerable, hurting children. Battle Cry reminded me that if we are surrendered, the Lord will be faithful to show us our individual calling to take part in the rescue.”

Katrina Slabaugh

“A beautiful (and true!) story of adoption…and not only adoption but the powerful way God works in all our lives if we let Him. Be ready to be deeply moved, as well as challenged!”

Lisa Jacobson, Club31Women

“Jordyn’s story brings to life how God calls us to trust Him wholeheartedly with everything…our lives, our homes, our spouses, our children, our everyday. She illustrates superbly the mundane, the extraordinary, & how ultimately, obedience always brings about blessing.”

Rachelle B.

“Jordyn shares more than just a story of overcoming in the pages of Battle Cry; she also shares a true battle cry to inspire and call us into deeper and fuller living for the cause of Christ. Written in an engaging and winsome style, this story will capture you, encouraging and inspiring you to battle on in whatever area God is leading you to.”

Natasha Metzler, author of Counting Grains of Sand

“This woman has a story of God’s faithfulness through health challenges, complicated adoptions and loss… Her brand new book Battle Cry [is] a reminder that our stories are declarations to doubt and discouragement that we serve a faithful and good God who is for us!”

Wholistic Ho’ōla

Battle Cry is an amazing story written by one strong woman of God. A woman who knows there’s a battle raging and is ready to fight– and is raising up soldiers of God for His kingdom along side.”

Becca Thompson, Freedom Letters

“Jordyn is an inspiration to all of us to follow Jesus–to know, in total faith that He will bring you through the lion’s den, the burning fire, and the waters of a deep sea.”

Joyce S.

“Jordyn’s story is hard, but it’s also good and beautiful. Jordyn’s positive attitude and gentle humor will leave you feeling uplifted and encouraged by God’s faithfulness, especially in hard times. Battle Cry is a quick read, but as other reviewers have said, be prepared to cry.”

Natalie G.

Battle Cry is the story of two imperfect people who said yes to the hard things God called them to. Two people who stepped out in fear and in faith and asked God to provide a miracle–over and over again.”

Gretchen Louise

Battle Cry is an outstanding book, showing that even in the darkest circumstances, God is always with you. Filled with encouraging Bible verses, this true story is something you will never forget.”

Ruth Ann (age 11)